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This unrivaled equine elegance elevates any room. Richly regal, proudly poised, and artfully arranged, this bespoke floral mane horse head is sure to start conversations and make statements. 


This horse head bud vase is approximately 8" wide and 8" tall. The red oak vase is 2" thick and the walnut vase is 1.25" thick.


Odonata Woodworks sees a lot of gorgeous wood come through the shop doors. As lumber gets milled to fit exact measurements and needs, odds and ends are left behind. Too beautiful to be lost to fire, they are thoughtfully fashioned into something new. All vases are transformed with these remnant materials to become their own bespoke creation. 


This is a one-of-a-kind vase. The vase pictured will be the same one you receive.


Each vase comes with a selection of flowers chosen by the artist. These flowers may not be the same as the flower(s) pictured. Would you like to order additional flowers? Click here!


Large Horse Head Bud Vase


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