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Katie Martz
Artist and Owner, Odonata Woodworks

Hi there! I'm Katie, the artist and maker behind Odonata Woodworks. I began my woodworking journey in 2019 as Board In My Basement, and it has quickly grown to a proper, dedicated workshop and what is now Odonata Woodworks.

Coming from a background of biological aspects of conservation, I use locally and sustainably harvested hardwood whenever possible, and accent with vibrant epoxy and occasionally an exotic hardwood or two. Everything is made to order, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts and ideas!

Odonata Woodworks

Introducing the
Odonata Signature

Named after my beloved home and inspiration for this piece, Alice is versatile, functional, and most importantly, unique. Each signature design begins with a consult with me to discuss your space, needs, aesthetic, and wood selection. Then I'll find the perfect live edge slab for you and get started!

Alice makes a wonderful accent to any wall. It can be used as a windowsill or floating shelf.

Starting at $1600

Big Red

Big Red stands tall at 6' and 5' wide. She's made with locally sourced cherry and aluminum union jack patterned backdrop. It's a modular design that allows reconfiguration and expansion!

Starting at $3000