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Katie Martz
Artist and Owner, Odonata Woodworks

What started out as a fascination for Nick Offerman and a hyper-fixated curiosity turned into a lifelong passion for crafting artistic, unique, and memory-making wood creations.

Katie's work embodies sustainable practices (every wood scrap gets turned into a lovely something) and a commitment to creating bespoke attention-grabbers.

By combining natural elements of vibrant wood and locally-sourced dried flowers with color, light and shadow, Katie aims to make wood goods that elicit a proper “F*ck yes!” from people.

Here’s to the pursuit of bold, lasting, and unique “f*ck yes” woodworks.

Odonata Woodworks

Introducing the
Odonata Signature

Named after my beloved home and inspiration for this piece, Alice is versatile, functional, and most importantly, unique. Each signature design begins with a consult with me to discuss your space, needs, aesthetic, and wood selection. Then I'll find the perfect live edge slab for you and get started!

Alice makes a wonderful accent to any wall. It can be used as a windowsill or floating shelf.

Starting at $1800

Big Red

Big Red stands tall at 6' and 5' wide. She's made with locally sourced cherry and aluminum union jack patterned backdrop. It's a modular design that allows reconfiguration and expansion!

Starting at $3000